SUMMIS Global can deploy anywhere in the UK,

24hrs a day, 365 days a year and worldwide at short notice.

Covert Surveillance

Summis Global operators hail from credible surveillance backgrounds and operate in fully equipped teams with operations room support throughout the deployment. We pride ourselves on our ability to maximise intelligence gathering whilst minimising exposure.

Our teams are equipped with specialised covert communication equipment, covert cameras and audio recording devices. Clients receive a professional, comprehensively written, daily report containing observations, imagery, analysis and recommendations.

Counter Surveillance

“The use of a covert third party or team to detect and identify surveillance deployed against an individual.”

SUMMIS Global provides counter surveillance services to clients who perceive either a physical threat to themselves, or a potential risk of unwanted attention from hostile surveillance.

Anti Surveillance

“The detection of hostile surveillance by carrying out pre-planned methods.”

SUMMIS Global offers bespoke anti-surveillance training packages. These will be designed around the client’s requirements and on completion, the client will be able to identify a potential threat.

Vehicle Tracking

Our covert vehicle tracking devices can be used in conjunction with surveillance or as a standalone solution. We use the latest highest specification trackers available on the market. The client can access the location of the tracker 24hrs a day.

Covert Audio & Video

Our expert installers can provide a bespoke package to suit your requirements. Once a
consultation is completed the installation can be carried out 24/7 to suit the client’s needs.