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Assessing the effectiveness of your Security Infrastructure

Organisations invest significantly in the latest security controls to protect their assets and personnel, but do they work? A proven method to ensure that they do is Physical Penetration Testing (PPT). PPT is the practice of assessing the effectiveness of physical security protocols and access controls.

Our Method

Summis Global’s Penetration Testers utilise covert techniques to conduct authorised attacks on buildings and offices to identify security vulnerabilities within your organisation. We employ the same tactics that criminals and governments would use to gain access to vital parts of your building, such as social engineering, lockpicking, RFID cloning and urban climbing.

Our professional teams will work with you to devise a penetration strategy that will be designed to effectively test your security protocols while ensuring the safety of your personnel.

After the completion of the penetration test, we will provide you with an in-depth report to highlight the methods used, evidence of entry and a detailed review of vulnerabilities. We will also provide you with recommended actions to maintain or improve organisational security.