We provide Close Protection Officers (CPO) to Governments, Corporates, private individuals and their families. Our CPO’s can work unilaterally or in conjunction with RST and part of a wider Risk Management Plan.

Residential Security Team (RST)

We know the importance of you and your families safety, especially when you are at home. Providing individuals, families, assets, and private residences with a discreet security service suitable to your lifestyle and seamlessly integrates into day to day life, providing peace of mind and above all else your complete safety.

Close Protection (CP)

Our Close Protection objective is the protection of you, your business and your family. We deliver a discreet, professional team in full awareness of international laws, cultures and traditions, assuring you peace-of-mind. Our Close Protection Officers (CPO) have been vetted and hold a valid SIA Licence, with the majority having backgrounds in government specialist units.

Protective Surveillance

Protective Surveillance is the provision of Close Protection in a covert role. Ideal for clients who do not want a third party to be aware of their protection or individuals that do not wish protection but a concerned party does on their behalf. Our Protective Surveillance team will not draw attention but will be in a position to react immediately to a potential threat.

Achieving the quality of service we expect to deliver requires two critical components: firstly a dynamic and current understanding of the threats and risks of a given situation and secondly the physical, technical and holistic approach to mitigate them.