Company overview

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SUMMIS Global is a leading specialist risk management and intelligence company, dedicated to providing government level services to corporate and private clients.


Our mission is to deliver innovative world class security training, assurance and risk mitigation. Our clients range from UK and foreign governments, specialist military units and law enforcement agencies, through to mature commercial organisations and private portfolios.

We have built a transformational range of capabilities founded upon our highly successful careers at the vanguard of UK defence, policing and national security.

We have inevitably forged deep relationships with our customers and place great importance in understanding their often complex requirements before designing and managing ‘tailored’ engagements that truly add value. Our ethos places clients’ interests first and focuses on delivering exactly what is
required; we always strive to be the best rather than the biggest.



The excellent service that we deliver, is a reflection of our team’s quality and integrity. At the core is a team of security-vetted specialists with global experience from UK Special Forces or UK Government Security Services.


Our tailored approach utilises a dedicated management team supported as required by a talent pool of quality, trusted and vetted specialists are drawn from across the security spectrum.

Our in-house legal team is overseen by our Head of Legal, Solicitor Mick Carney. Mick holds a full current Practising Certificate with the Law Society and is subject to the rigorous high standards and compliance associated with that organisation. The team is available to address all immediate legal issues which present to the Company or its operatives on a real-time basis. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all legalities in the various jurisdictions are fully understood and adhered to, this way we protect the integrity of our team and their operation, but also our clients’ reputation.

Lloyd’s of London


Acting for Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London, we recently needed to source investigation assets in Saudi Arabia. After several unsuccessful efforts, we turned to SUMMIS. Paul quickly coordinated highly qualified assets who were already in-country and oversaw what was a challenging operation. Both we and our clients were very pleased with the results and the professionalism demonstrated by SUMMIS. We will continue to rely on SUMMIS for our future investigation and surveillance needs both in the EMEA region and globally

- MEC Pifer

Practice Leader, PFC Law

Channel 4


Finding SUMMIS Global and their team of specialists was a shot in the arm for our production. In a field where many claim to be experts, SUMMIS Global stood out for their knowledge and experience. They were invaluable. For any high quality security or intelligence work I wouldn’t hesitate to work with SUMMIS Global again and would recommend them heartily to others

- Tom C

Series Producer, HUNTED